(For Unity Game Engine)


Poly Armory is a compilation of 35 pre-firearm low-poly weapon models for Unity. Each of them with their transforms set to be in the hilt and an example scene where you can see how each of these models look when animated in your game!
(Disclaimer. The animations in the example are not for sale and can be found on mixamo.com, they are only there for an example, they have been modified for the demo scene.)

There are

5 Daggers
5 One handed swords
5 One handed Axes
5 One handed blunt weapons

5 Two handed swords
5 Two handed blunt weapons and
5 Pole arms

With many more to come!

Some of my favorites are the Katana, Rapier, morning star (club/mace) and Cinqeudea Dagger.

Most of these are historical weapons that will do great in a low poly fantasy or medieval setting. With a few unique models drawing more inspiration from popular fantasy games.

Poly Armory

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